After working at a traditional document storage company for less than 2 days, Victor Lue-Yat (founder & CEO), established DocuBlue Corporation (original name) in 2003. He identified an opportunity to improve upon the many headaches associated with storing boxes including the costs, the long time to retrieve files and the negative impact it had on the environment with a lot of real estate space being consumed. The company started off doing document scanning and since it was legal to store paper records electronically, a shredding and recycling service was launched. With all scanned files going to the computer, the company realized the importance of building a T.I.P. (Total Information Protection) suite of services with emphasis on innovating and delivering digital services such as cloud computing, online storage, digital signatures and more. In 2008, the company was renamed to DocuGreen Corporation as it made more strategic sense with the increasing attention and awareness given to green initiatives as well as all company services delivering a positive environmental impact.